Promote your business or organisation on is an initiative by the Callan People’s Council to improve Callan’s online presence by publicising events, businesses, groups and societies that people may avail of within Callan town and the surrounding area.

The aim is for this website to become a community resource that can benefit people living in the town as well as visitors to our community. In addition, it can hugely benefit anyone moving to Callan as they can instantly find out what Callan has to offer.

We want it to have sections for sports, arts, events and businesses. Our ultimate aim is for groups such as local GAA to be able to publish news directly on

If you would like to list your business, club or organisation for free on, please drop us an email to including the following information:

  • Summary of your business/organisation or club (what it offers, how long it is established etc.)
  • Opening hours and/or meeting times.
  • Business address and any other contact info such as website address, Facebook page and phone number.
  • Photos of your business/club/organisation (If you don’t have photos, we can organise to take some).

Once we have received this information, we will upload it to the website and start to build on this valuable resource for the community.

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