Mixed reactions locally to One-Way system

As part of a one year trial, Bridge Street has changed to a one-way system from Saturday the 17th October, these changes will see traffic moving from its junction with West Street and Mill Street towards its junction with Flaggy Lane and Kilkenny Road.

There are also major changes in the prioritisation of traffic in Callan as Green Street/Bridge Street will no longer be the main streets in the town with priority at The Cross. Priority has instead been given to West Street/Mill Street meaning that traffic coming down Green Street towards The Cross must stop.

The mood locally in relation to these changes has been rather mixed with many residents in Bridge Street raising concerns about being able to accept deliveries to their homes and already oil deliveries and bin collections have caused considerable delays in the street.

Photo Slideshow Of Bridge Street

Parents have also complained of journeys increasing from 5 minutes to 25 minutes due to the excess traffic around the schools at the start and end of the school days. Concerns have been raised in relation to cyclists being forced out onto the busy N76 Callan by-pass due to the introduction of the one-way system and lack of provisions for cyclists.

One of the largest concerns raised by locals who have not seen any further developments at this point are changes to the junctions from Callan to the N76 by-pass. Many locals have expressed great concerns about the increase in traffic at these already very busy junctions and have called for speed reductions on sections of the by-pass as well as the installation of roundabouts.

These changes were previously announced by Kilkenny County Council on the 26th of August and a short nine-day window was allowed for public submissions in relation to these proposed changes, just six submissions were received within this deadline.

A number of Bridge Street residents have expressed disappointment at not being involved in the planning by Kilkenny County Council prior to any announcements in relation to the road layout, bollard placement and removal of parking/delivery areas given how it would impact them on a daily basis.

Prior to the one-way changes, locals have been reminded that this is a trial exercise with Councillor Joe Lyons advising “The feeling is fairly positive, Bridge Street is in a long saga with traffic, heavy traffic, and it’s not getting any easier and with the schools over there it’s dangerous, highly dangerous, with young pupils going over and back there, so this is a trial exercise with the Kilkenny County Council to get the traffic moving in one way out of the town towards the school and onto the bypass and back around, they’ll try it and see how it works”.

Since further concerns have been raised by Bridge Street residents Councillor Matt Doran advised he will be meeting the roads team and has advised: “we’re a couple of days into it, we’re going to have a look at it today, do some reviews, maybe make some adjustments to it and we’ll see how that goes”.

Video showing the recent changes at The Cross
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