Memories of the Moat Field

Liam Mannix who is working with Kilkenny County Council on the new park at the Moat Field is looking for information that can be used for a series of historical panels that are due to be erected in the Park

One of those panels will be about the social past. Liam is looking for images of people in the Moat Field playing, swimming in the King’s River, at the Carnival dance on the Moat, etc.

If you can assist Liam please email him at with the names of those in the photo and your permission to use the image on an interpretation panel.

All those who provide a photo that is used on a panel will receive a poster showing Callan in the 13th century (as seen below)

All images used will be credited, ideally, high-resolution scans in JPEG format would be most appreciated.

Plans for the Moat field can be seen below:

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