Local family are seeking YOUR support

Paulina Wisniowska’s husband Franco who is 43 years of age has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Gastric Cancer with metastasis to the Peritoneum, which is an inoperable Cancer.

Franco suffered with what he thought was hearburn or indigestion for months before seeking medical help. It didn’t get any better and eventually he sought medical help – which revealed he was actually suffering from stomach cancer.

As you can imagine this news is devastating for Franco, Paulina and their three beautiful daughters.

Paulina has set up a fundraiser and donations will go towards the costs related to the Cancer treatments be it here in Ireland or in Italy if he qualifies. All unused funds will be donated to Cois Noire- our local Cancer Support Centre, that is helping the family through this very difficult journey.

Donations can be made through the gofundme page.

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