Ballylarkin Alert – Relay for Life 2020

On the 10th July Ballylarkin Alert – Relay for Life 2020 took place in the Abbey Meadow here in Callan, the relay was held to remember all the families who have been touched by cancer in any way and to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

The relay was held between 10am to 10pm and members of the relay for life team walked the Abbey Meadow looped walk. All were also welcome to join the relay.

A Candle Of Hope Ceremony was also held between 9pm-10pm, this involved supporters writing a message for their loved ones on a bag into which a candle was placed and it was lit for the ceremony.

Funds for the Irish Cancer Society were raised though raffle tickets sold in Callan Post office and also the purchasing of the bags used for the Candle For Hope Ceremony.

Further details can be found on the Ballylarkin Alert Relay For Life Facebook page.

You can check out the below video of the Relay For life made by Andy Ryan below.

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